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The Power of Ideas in a Strong Corporate Environment

There's a poignant saying, "In weak companies politics win. In strong companies best ideas win." These words shine a spotlight on the importance of company culture and the role it plays in shaping successful organizations.

1. Politics vs. Ideas: In companies where politics reign, decisions are often made based on power plays, relationships, or hierarchies. This can stifle innovation and slow growth. On the other hand, companies that champion ideas allow their teams to be creative, take risks, and find innovative solutions.

2. The Role of Leadership: Company culture is often set at the leadership level. As the Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom in Switzerland, I've always emphasized the value of a transparent, inclusive, and idea-driven culture. It's paramount for leaders to pave the way for a culture-centric work environment.

3. Ideas in Practice: The development of "Just Mike It!" serves as a prime example of how a single idea can evolve into a groundbreaking solution. This app was crafted to assist people in saving and structuring their thoughts and tasks, ultimately leading to success, happiness, and time-saving.

Conclusion: In our ever-evolving business landscape, it's crucial for companies to foster a culture that places ideas above politics. It's the only way businesses can grow, adapt, and thrive in our modern world.

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