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Apple Watch: How To Change The Digital Crown Orientation!

Updated: May 11, 2023

This change has many names: e.g. How to switch your Apple Watch or Digital Crown orientation, Apple Watch Upside Down, Flip your Apple Watch, Reverse Crown Orientation etc.

So why should I do that? The crown is for more than hundred years on one side!

Yes, but in the era before the Apple Watch a slight push with the backside of your hand on the crown didn´t had any disturbing impact. The digital crown of the Apple Watch is a button which e.g.:

when pressed shows the watch face or the Home screen. when double-clicked returns to the last app. when pressed and hold starts Siri. 

I found that especially annoying when being snowboarding. The gloves und the Snowboard Jacket avoided a proper use of the complication for the Voice Recording App (Mike: My Microphone!) on the Apple Watch. When I wanted to start a voice recording the Watch User Interface sometimes showed the home screen instead of the watch face because I accidentally pushed the Digital Crown with the backside of my hand.

But on the watch face I have configured my Mike button (complication) to start the voice recording. And sometimes Siri was just started because of the long press of the digital crown with the backside of my hand.

So I changed the orientation of the digital crown and I´m happy that I did. It only took a minute for getting used to move the digital crown with the thumb!

So if you wear your Apple Watch on the left hand then you want to change the orientation of the Digital Crown from the right side to the left side.

How to? Easy! You can either change the orientation via the iPhone or the Apple Watch itself:

iPhone: Open the Watch App and go to General / Watch Orientation /Digital Crown right or left.

Apple Watch: Go to Settings / General / Orientation / Digital Crown left or right

Flip also the wrist band of your Apple Watch. This is also an easy task as you know - especially when owning many wrist bands to fit colors with your outfit :-)

That´s it - done.

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